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Sizes: 3.54″ x 4.72″ ( 9 x 12 cm ) Our Oval Porcelain Memorial Portrait is made of high quality Porcelain and are incredibly affordable .
Provide your photo:
1. Click “upload Photo” button in “cart” page.
2. Send us by Email ( Recommend ).
3. By Skype: ceramicpictures
4. By whatsApp: 8618607686968

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Product Description

Oval Porcelain Memorial Portraits

SIZE (in.)               SIZE (cm)
3.54 x 4.72 in.         9 x 12 cm

Select Color

Using the drop down menu, simply select your desired color. This product comes in three color options. If you choose the color option, your photo must have been uploaded in color format to begin with (we cannot add color to a black & white photo). If the Black & White option is selected, your uploaded color photo will be adjusted to black & white, or, if your uploaded photo is already in black & white format, it will remain the same. If you choose the sepia color option, your photo, whether uploaded in color or black & white format will be tinted with a rust-like color shade that will provide an antique look.
Please Note: Colors may differ slightly in the final product design than shown on screen.

Two Heads from Separate Photos

Two separate individuals from different photos can be brought together to appear in the same Porcelain Memorial Portrait. Please mark in “Order Notes” if require, you will need to email both photos to [email protected] so that we can manually edit the photos.

Remove Background from Photo

The background of your photo will be cropped out and removed to display only the individual’s facial and body image within the Porcelain Memorial Portrait. This is ideal for dark and aesthetically unpleasing backgrounds. Mark in “Order Notes” if require.

Shipping & Delivery

Free shipping are available for most of the place, It may take up to three to four weeks for your product to be delivered to your shipping address.

Additional Information

Select Color

Color, Black & White, Sepia


Is there any guarantee on the memorial porcelain portrait?
We offer lifetime warrantee againt scratching and fading. Our plaques are specifically manufactured to be installed outside in full sun and any weather conditions.Broken portraits will be replaced at no charge.

How can I send my portrait order to you?
Order online and images can be sent via e-mail, skype, whatsApp and upload in cart page.

What kind of photograph do I send?
Best quality photographs always yield the best results. Whenever possible, avoid sending grainy or blurry photographs. The resulting memorial portraits will have the same imperfections. Low resolution images will yield final memorial portraits with boxy or blurry images.
The file should bear the name of the family. Ex: Green.jpg

Do you ship to Usa, Canada, Euro?
Yes, we do, we ship to 100 countries with free delivery by DHL and UPS.

What is your turn-around time from the time you receive my order?
Orders are usually shipped within 15 to 20 working days.

Is there any extra charge for the artwork such as removal of the background, retouching or combining two people onto one portrait?
No, there is no extra charge for the artwork.

Can you send a rush order?
Yes we can ship your order with expedited shipping. Let us know when do you require your order in “Order Notes” when placing your order. Please note that extra shipping costs may apply.

How do I install the memorial portrait?
The portrait can either be siliconed onto the monument or crypt front or it can be attached with 3M’s double sided VHB tape.
Clean the area of the stone with rubbing alcohol.
Allow the area to dry well.
Apply silicone on the back of the porcelain tile and position it in place.
Apply a vertical and a horizontal strip of tape across the portrait to help keep it in place as the silicone cures.
The tape can be removed after 24 hours.

Double sided tape:
Clean the area of the stone with rubbing alcohol.
Allow the area to dry well.
Remove the protective plastic sheet from the VHB tape and position the portrait in place.
*Please note this bond is permanent.